The play has an important place in the human development story with deeper effects than gender. We don't exaggerate if the time spent with games and toys is the key to success and happiness. We know that the life skills of those who have rich personal gaming stories are above average. In our tradition, where children are encouraged to study instead of spending time with games and toys, the importance of this issue is increasing. Human resources and in-service training have gained a new dimension in many sectors, notably education. In education processes, gamification is more helpful to overcome basic problems from individual program to learning disability. We could not be indifferent to this delightful and entertaining world where a new story was discovered that discovers the power of the game and the toy every day.

The 1st International Game Conference will be held in Gaziantep between 30 October-02 November 2019 at Hasan Kalyoncu University. Vizetek, a publishing house that supports a variety of programs, conferences and symposiums organized by the Faculty of Education in Turkey; She has attempted to organize an interdisciplinary conference of games, toys and gamification. The preparatory meetings of the initiative, which was expected to be in a short time, were made in Ankara and Gaziantep. The expanding initiative with the participation of academicians who are directly involved in this subject in our country's universities has determined the scientific board and regulatory board of the conference. While these developments are experienced sub-themes; game theory, play as a learning environment, digital play, drama, virtual reality, augmented reality, education, thinking tools, mind games, mobile games, toy production, educational games, game materials, game architecture, game engineering, game law, serious games, games and psychology, gaming and sociology, play therapy, orienteering, personal game stories, historical games, game rooms, game libraries continue to expand.