Writing rules

In terms of general shape properties, 12-point Times New Roman should be used as a font in the whole text and single line spacing should be left. Paragraphs 1.25 should start from the inside. The text should be justified. 3 cm from the top and bottom edges of the page, 2.5 cm from the right edge and 3 cm from the left edge should be left. No spaces should be left before and after the paragraphs. A manuscript template must be used in abstract writing.

While writing abstracts and full texts of the International Game Congress Participants, they should be based on APA 6 rules in the presentation of in-text citation and bibliography. In the text, the basic forms of citation should be:

If the page number is to be specified in references, reference bibliography should be used as (Yilmaz, 2015: 27) or (Yilmaz, 2015: 27-58). If reference is made to secondary sources, the format should be (Yilmaz, 2015 akt. Akgun, 2018). References to multiple references at the same time should be based on alphabetical order (Gunes and Tugrul, 2017, Yilmaz, 2015). APA 6 should be examined in detail on the end-of-text bibliography.